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#8720 - Small Pageant Prize Tiara

by ejools
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2.5" tall. Plated in Sterling Silver with a comb on each end fits all size heads. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic.

Customer Reviews

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Tamara Michele

I crowned this girl in 2009 as Miss Whittier 2nd Princess. she loves her crown!!

Tamara-Michele Garcia

This is my princess' crowns. They looked just like my crown but smaller. we looked like a very sharp court! i loved it. :) and very well priced. What a great find!!


I am an princess/ambassador for my town and this is my crown. I actually really like it. Its elegant. I have tried on the queens crown and its so large compared to this one. I'm actually quite glad I got princess in the end. It also goes quite nicely with my queen and even our candidate's tiaras.

And I have not yet seen an ambassador/fellow royalty member wearing this crown where as there are several people who wear the queens crown. =)

So I really love it as I feel unique, confidant, beautiful, and of course just like royalty in my crown. I highly recommend this choice of tiara/crown =)


My sister won that crown for Miss Red Wing in 07. It is a beaut!