Ejools Affiliate Partner Program

Ejools.com offers the widest variety of special occasion jewelry, crowns and accessories on the Internet today.  Our high quality is evident throughout our entire line.  The size of our selection is growing on a monthly basis.   To be an affiliate with our company is like having your own store with designers constantly adding new designs, book keepers, shippers and all - but without the headache.

The Ejools Program: 15% Commission with no cap!

  • The average ejools.com order is $101.47.  What's great is that every sale no matter the size has the same simple payout. 

  • We do not offer a phone number on the website which helps to ensures that every order is placed on the website the referred is paid on every sale.

  • Every Ejools product is carefully inspected before shipping.

  • The tracking gap never is unlimited!  This means that you get paid no matter how much later the customer takes to come back to purchase.  Of course, you would be paid for repeat purchases too.

  • We have a dynamic data feed for you, which you will be able to use to list as many products as you like.

The Ejools 2 Tier Payout: 10% Commission!

  • Refer other affiliates and get a 10% override on their commissions.

It's Free.  Join Today.

There are no costs at any time to be an ejools partner.  We have a selection of banners for you to use.  If you would like us to develop special banner, we will try to accommodate you.  We want our partners to succeed and make money.  We have a dedicated team to help you.  If you have and questions of comments, please contact us: adam@ejools.com


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